bruce campbell
The Future Will Solve All Problems, Fountain Studios, Brooklyn, NY
October 6- November 3

Bruce Campbell’s latest works consider two of the more influential organizing tropes of this past century’s art making, semantics and formalism, and their relation to the theatrical nature of viewing art. The works in The Future Will Solve All Problems approach those issues through concrete, virtual and implied concepts of space. By conflating linguistic definitions of the term ‘space’ Campbell’s drawing, photography, and sculpture ask the viewer to work though what, if anything separates actual space from the space of virtual environments as well as other types of imagined spaces that we know to be real yet may never experience.

Instruction Set Piece, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
April 6-29

Leah Balis - Hold Me

Bruce Campbell - Instruction Set Piece

Kara Crombie - Julian's Balls

Linda Yun - Reflect

At Fourth Wall: Oliver Laric - Versions, 2010 [Curated by Michael Connor]

Chain Letter, Sansom Projects, Boston, MA
July 16 - August 16
  "Chain Letter is a global group show wherein 10 artists have been invited to participate. Those 10 then invite 10 artists that they admire. Those 10 invite 10 more and so on. This cycle continues for 30 days. The result is an exponentially massive, artist-curated group show based entirely on admiration."

Thanks to Christopher Wawrinofsky for inviting me into the chain!
Flourish: Alumni Works on Paper, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
June 6 - July 9

Reception, Thursday, June 9 from 6-8 PM
Bakalar Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Check out a Virtual Catalogue and artist pages of MassArt Graduate Alumni who are in the exhibition HERE.

The exhibition was juried by Edward Saywell, Chair of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston; Michelle Lamuniere, Assistant Curator of Photography at the Harvard Art Museum, and Tammy Dayton (BFA '98), Creative Director of Moth Design.

Mood-Yarn-Titty, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
November 5 - 28
GALLERY TALK: November 7th, 3pm with Celene Ryan, Gallery Director of Hosfelt Gallery, NYC
  After a year of faithful service each of the four newest Vox Populi members are having thier debut exhibitions!

Bruce Campbell - Mood-Yarn-Titty

Christoper P. McManus - Suburban Warlock

Tim Portlock - Ghost City

Mark Stockton - Flesh for Worms

...and in the Video Lounge/Fourth Wall Series:
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
Esto es un mensaje explosivo
in collaboration with Carlos Torres López and Beatriz Irizarry Gauthier [Curated by Elisabeth Subrin]

The Anwser Factory, The Luminary Center for the Arts, St. Louis, MO
September 10 - October 9
  "The Luminary Center for the Arts is pleased to present the international group exhibition Answer Factory. This high-profile exhibition  brings together six innovative text-based installation artists in a serio-comic presentation of facts, figures, mute megaphones, vision statements, decontextualized statements of support, and a mechanical bird questioning a mechanical rabbit about the nature of reality." - The Luminary

Featuring: Fernando Orellana, Cheryl Wassenaar, Duncan MacKenzie, Christian Kuras, Runo Lagomarsino, Bruce Campbell


I was recently invited to post my portfolio and resume to Culturehall, a curated online resourse featuring contemporary artists.

SEE MY PAGE HERE (somewhat redundant, I know)

Kansas City Art Institute Clay Post: Y2K, Craft In America, Online Virtual Exhibition

A nice survey of KCAI student ceramic work over the last decade. An oldie for sure.


Miniscule, Oblong Gallery, London, England
June 3 - 27
Curators: Vanya Balogh & Jim Racine
  Too many artists to even think about listing here were invited to create a work no larger than a standard 2 x 1.5" matchbox.
No Soul For Sale, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, England
May 14 - 16
  VOX POPULI participated in No Soul for Sale at the TATE MODERN! It was a blast with a reported 100,000+ visitors over the weekend!

"A free festival for all to celebrate Tate Modern’s 10th  Birthday

To celebrate Tate Modern’s 10th birthday, Tate is working with visionary curators Maurizio Cattelan, Cecilia Alemani and Massimiliano Gioni. They have invited 50 international independent art collectives to create projects in the Turbine Hall. Be prepared for three days of cutting-edge art events, cool performances, music and film!"


SPECTRUM: Contemporay Color Abstraction
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmigton, DE
March 26 - August 1

  An exhibiton originated by Carina Evangelista and curated by J. Susan Isaacs

"Not only is color abstraction alive, but it plays a vital role in today’s art practice. Younger artists have found innovative ways of incorporating color and abstraction into their artistic vocabulary, while more established artists have found a renewed interest in color exploration in their recent work." - J. Susan Isaacs




(image: Andrew Graham, Bonanza, 2006)

Past, Present and Future: 35 Years of Clay, Community College of Philadelphia, Mint Building Rotunda Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
March 31 - April 3
  In conjuction with the National Council on Eduction for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference, current CCP ceramics professor Karen Aumann curated an exhibition of CCP faculty and alumni.
Solo Series, Philagrafika 2010 Independent Project, Abington Art Center Jenkintown, PA
February 6 - April 18
Works on Paper, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA
November 18 - December 20
  Juror João Ribas, Curator of Exhibitions, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts (formerly, curator, The Drawing Center, New York)

Participating Artists

Leah Bailis, Andrea Beizer, Gabriel Boyce & Preston Link, Bruce Campbell, John Costanza, Michael Davis Carter, Hannah Heffner, Pernot Hudson, James Johnson, Sebastien Leclercq, Erika Mayer, Gabriel Martinez, Kristina Martino, Quentin Morris, Matt Neff, Robert T. Pannell, Mia Rosenthal, Fay Stanford, Mark Stockton, Judith Taylor, and Dino Vasquez.

"Featuring 22 works juried from a record number of 1,256 entries submitted by 567 artists living within a 40-mile range of the University, 'Works on Paper 2009' is among the most incisive iterations of the show in two decades. With its layering of organic, formal affinities and open, associative themes, the resulting show can be read as a curated effort expressing a deeply focused and invested sensibility."
  The Artblog
One Review a Month
Nothing in Stone, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA
November 13 - December 20
  Nothing in Stone is an exhibition examining the pliability of language and its affect on perception. Campbell’s precise pairings of objects with text stimulates the work to strive towards poetic heights. These seemingly benign phrases when associated with his deftly crafted objects, place the viewer into a state of questioning. Part diary excerpts, part socio-political yearnings, Campbell’s phrases point towards hazy narratives and idioms, which directly engage the viewer with his objects. Following the lineage of Ed Ruscha and Bruce Nauman, Campbell’s work further marks the continued use of language as a means within contemporary art practice."
Starting with Goo, Rebekah Templeton Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA
Jan 10 - Feb 23
  "Starting with Goo examines the thinly veiled violence that is pervasive in contemporary society. Bubbling, boiling and near the point of attack, the works in this exhibition thrust the viewer into a primal world; where we are tethered to a historical umbilical chord connected with the primordial goo of our past. The drawings, collages, sculpture and digital animation in this exhibition extol a feeling of general destabilization and social fracturization in regards to the contemporary experience."

Bruce Campbell, Jakie Hoving, Adam Neuman, Brian Zegeer

Some Sort of Uncertainty, Axiom Gallery + Art Interactive, Boston, MA January 11 - Feb 17
Curated by Adriana Rios
  Adriana Rios, the curator of Some Sort of Uncertainty, in which I showed the work A Warm Breath (for Mark Lapore), put together a new version of the show with many of the same artists.  The original show's concept was that upon entering the gallery it would seem empty.  Version two, shown at Axiom, continues that idea but now the work has to be interactive!

Lina Maria Giraldo, Elias Heim, The Institute for Very Small Things, Brian Knep, Nathalie Miebach, Liz Nofziger, Michael Sheridan, and Douglas Weathersby

I showed the works Pause and A WarnBreath (For Mark Lapore.

Annual Juried Show, Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA
December 8, 2007 - January 25, 2008
Juried by Andrea Kirsh
  "Each year Abington Art Center celebrates the talent of our friends and neighbors. Over 50 works of art by local and regional artists are on view through January 25, 2008. At the opening reception on Saturday, December 8 an award ceremony recognized outstanding works including Best in Show, Ceramics, Jewelry and Works on Paper."

I was the recipiant of the Leonard B. Belber Award for Best in Show

The 1950 Ford Show, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton Canada
September 22, 2007 - January 6, 2008
Guest Curated by Anthony Easton
  "Edmonton artist and curator Anthony Easton takes American Pop-Conceptualist, Ed Ruscha at his word. Ruscha's 1977 drawing: WILL 100 ARTISTS DRAW A 1950 FORD FROM MEMORY plants the seed that Easton cultivates by actually soliciting 100 artists to concretize Ruscha's Conceptual fantasy.

The results range from café sketches through pop commix renditions to highly crafted illustrations. The ensemble makes for a delightful installation, reasserting the primacy of mark-making and reconsiders the Conceptualist implulses in contemporary art."

  CBC News Online
Where Magazine (online)
Vue Weekly (Edmonton)
The World is Flat, Falling Cow Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
January 6 - 27
  Three painters and one sculptor using painterly techniques and addressing the formal issues of paintings, but rejecting the rectangle to create work that leaves the wall and invades the viewer's space.

Bruce Campbell, Chris Lawley, Ben Will, Mauro Zamora

  Philadelphia Inquirer (PDF)
City Paper (PDF)
Philadelphia Style (PDF)
Pocket Intellectual (Blog)
The Variety Show, Falling Cow Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
December 2 - 30
  A holiday art extravaganza featuring over 40 local, national, and international artists!
Boobies, Falling Cow Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
July 22 - August 26
  Falling Cow Gallery focuses in on perhaps the favorite feature of the female body - the Boobie - in all of its glorious and miraculous shapes, sizes and varieties. Boobies will feature work from a diverse collection of artists using a wide range of media, all putting forth their own personal interpretation of the most celebrated component of the female form.

Including: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Eberle, Nathan Patrick Flanagan, Kate Norton, and many others...

  Benefited the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation
Art Harvest, Art Farm, Marquette, NE
October 29 - 30
  The annual anything goes, end of summer showcase of all the work produced by the Art Farm residents.

Bruce Campbell, Kiriko Shirobayashi, Louisa Conrad, Mary Ivy Martin

  Grand Island Independent (PDF)
Some Sort of Uncertainty, Doran Gallery, MassArt, Boston, MA
November 7 - 11
Curated by Adriana Rios

  A gallery with seemingly nothing in it.

Liz Nofziger, Adriana Rios, Matthew Lane, Merritt Johnson, Bruce Campbell, Nathalie Miebach, Lina Maria Giraldo, Douglas Weathersby, Institute for Infinitely Small Things

MFA Thesis Exhibition, Paine Gallery, MassArt, Boston, MA
April 27 - May 7
  The big end show.
Surface Tempo, Studio Soto, Boston, MA
February 4 - 26
  Eric and I both had huge paper screen works, so we decided to show them in the smallest gallery in Boston.

Bruce Campbell & Eric Saline

The Daily News
Curated by Jim Edwards
Salt Lake Art Center - February 5 - June 1
Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, WY - July 12 - September 11
Boise Art Museum, Boise ID - December 3 - March 19, 2006
  A bunch of artists using newsprint and/or newspaper in their work.

Conrad Atkinson, Pat Boas, Derek Boshier, Bruce Campbell, Nancy Chunn, Christopher Finch, Jann Haworth, Paula Scher, Donald Sheridan, Al Souza, Xiaoze Xie

  Boise Weekly
Deseret News